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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Philadelphia Eagle Running Back Gets Paid $3M - Twice

When most people receive an errant duplicate paycheck it means a couple thousand dollars - at most. Something that may or may not even be detected and something they may or may not report. But, when an NFL superstar gets paid twice the impact is a tad bit worse. According to an Associated Press article posted on the Fox Sport web site, titled "Eagles accidentally pay Westbrook twice," Brian Westbrook received an extra $3 million from the Philadelphia Eagles in an accounting error. The star running back intends to pay the team back after getting his roster bonus twice. However, the Eagles filed a grievance with the NFL against Westbrook because the money hasn't been repaid yet, a team spokesman said Saturday. Continuous monitoring of payroll transactions can detect potential duplicates BEFORE they leave the corporate boundaries. When you view duplicate payroll, duplicate vendor payments, unused discounts and unused credits in cummulative form, you're talking real money and real materiality.

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