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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Compliance, A Catalyst For Change

Compliance reaches into almost every corner of the business, from how information is captured, stored and reported, to systems security and business continuity planning.

It's a common analogy but ensuring regulatory compliance can be compared to painting the Forth Bridge - just when you think you've finished and can have a break, another law is passed and you have to start all over again. Not only is this a never-ending task, but the associated costs escalate, and every member of an organisation is culpable and at risk if corners are cut and it is not done properly.

Thinking about it like this makes it easy to look at regulatory compliance in a negative way. But, to cite another famous analogy, it may be time to stop thinking of the glass as half-empty when it could be half-full. If we turn the negative into a positive, the requirement to comply with legislation becomes an opportunity to make positive changes throughout the organisation.

Before we look at how compliance can act as a catalyst for change and the positive impact that complying with regulations can have on an organisation, we must first examine some of the negative issues. Compliance is often regarded as a necessary evil; regulation has always been around and you simply have to comply with it - end of story. But in the wake of recent corporate scandals the size of this burden has increased dramatically.

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